Saturday, March 17

Eliza Dushku in another TV series?

Before Eliza Dushku starred in Tru Calling, she said she would never do a TV series because she would find it daunting. And she proved it, because in that show, she seemed to be sleepwalking. She just hasn't found the right fit. And like the cheerleader from 'Heroes' said, TV actresses are getting the movie roles so maybe Eliza has latched to this idea. It has been anounced that Eliza will return to FOX in a dramedy called 'Nurses' about a chief of staff's daughter with a wild past. (rolls eyes) Why couldn't she do a comedy? It would suit her better. I just don't think this one will fly. Also, there was already a show called 'Nurses', it was a comedy spin-off from 'Empty Nest' that had Loni Anderson for a while.