Wednesday, May 10

Reggaeton Ambiguous Duos

There is a delightful but strangely unquestioned trend in that mis-mash 'Reggaeton' which barely contains any actual Raggae elements and is the basis of many radio stations these days. Those Spanish hip-hop fans claim it will never die and is a new genre. I have to listen to this crap every day at work. Sure, it has addictive lyrics and tunes but has the same or even worse emphasis on hyper-masculinity and objectifying women. Anyway, there are alot of duos and the rules aren't skidded. The Rules are there must be one skinny sort-of cute guy and a ugly fat guy. Picture above is Valentino and Magnate. When Valentino sang a song by himself, a interviewer ask if they were breaking up and Valentino touched Magnate's thigh and said they would always be together. You could see where this post stemmed from. Magnate is rumored to be from the early-90's Spanish boy band Magento. There is two groups that skid from that but I don't know people don't question the relation between them:

Angel and Khriz
Here is the skinny guy and ugly fat guy. They had one hit 'Balialo' and one I actually like--"Fua". They are Puerto Rican and barely speak any English. The fat guy looks like he has a bad attitude.

Rakim and Ken-Y
They won some sort of Reggaeton contest and now have a hit song called "Down" which is all Spanglish. I make fun when they say 'down' because it sounds like a cat meow. Anyway, Ken-Y (right) is hot but if he puts his hair down, it looks horrible and he actually has to work on it. Rakim (left) barely speaks in any of the songs.

Alexis and Fido
Fairly new and they call themselves the 'pitbulls'. Don't they know there is someone else out there called Pitbull? Anyway, here we have two skinny guys but one is ugly. They have a song called "Eso Ehh" which can also have gay undertones because doesn't really specify their object of affection and has more sexual undertones that can be applied to any orientation.

Wisin and Yandel
This above picture is way disturbing. Thank god they don't usually go out like this. Wisin (left) is actually pretty ugly. I don't like oily skin anyway. They have three hits (Rakata and Llame pa ver te) and one with ek... R. Kelly (Burn it up). What kind of F*up names are Wisin and Yandel?! This picture.. I ain't even got to say anything.

This is Tito the Bambino who was in a duo called Hector and Tito. They broke up and come on, how obvious is this. Hector is fat and ugly and into producing and bigger things. Hector calls himself 'el father' which is just horrible language anywhere you go, maybe Tito wanted him to called 'papisito' and he went for this. Tito unfortunately thinks he can do Reggaeton, doing videos in which he shoots with guns and runs away from gangsters. Who is he kidding?