Tuesday, March 13

The Riches Review

Last night was the premiere of the newest FX show, much like the other ones, it is innovative and different from what there is on television. The series centers around a family that are basically swindlers and refer to all 'normal' folk as 'buffers'. The guy's wife (Minnie Driver) is fresh out of jail and understandably troubled, she is the daughter of a respected king of swindlers and her whole extended family are like her. In a moment of desperation, her husband (Eddie Izzard) steals money from his father-in-law and are now on the run. A car accident occurs that causes a married couple to die. For them not to be caught by the police, they dump the couple in a swamp. They go to their new house where no one knows them and get swept into a life that isn't theres. The family isn't all for it, the eldest son (Noel Fisher) feels like they are sinners, the daughter is on her father's side and their youngest is a crossdresser. With all its quirks and shock values, the series is actually good and funny. It is of course a drama but Minnie Driver and Eddie Izzard makes the experiences true. It is worth a look.