Friday, March 16

Awesome Old Spice Commercial

This is an awesome commercial and I hope people can learn from this commercial. This is not sexuality. It is simply about a man complementing another man. Has nothing to do with sexuality. Somebody on YouTube called this garbage. I think garbage is homophobia, like that awful Snickers commercial that ran during the Super Bowl and was yanked after complaints. It was about two guys who accidentally kiss after eating a snickers bar and then try to prove their 'heterosexuality' by doing a very manly thing by removing chest hair... waxing anyone? Anyhoo, a normal caveman thing to do in the situation placed in this commercial would be to not mention anything or to smack the guy and call him a fag. The commercial is saying if someone has skin that good, it is worth mentioning. Forget about sexual orientation. Why does this always draw people to offending gay people?

You know what just grinds my gears? - Peter Griffin.