Monday, June 26

The O.C.'s Michael Cassidy in Zoom

You may not recognize Michael Cassidy but he played Zach Stevens in The O.C., Summer's rebound guy. He was an unknown and now bascially is one again since he is off the show. He will be in the upcoming potential bomb (or kid's cult hit) Zoom.
Zoom stars Tim Allen, Courteney Cox, the go-to precocious kid Spencer Breslin, Kata Mara (Enis' daughter Alma Jr in Brokeback Mountain and Matt's Lesbian girlfriend Vanessa in Nip/Tuck) and newcomer Ryan Newman the third as superhero kids taught by a former superhero. Much like last year's Sky High.

Michael sports a more feathery hair-do looking like Taylor Hanson. His power seems to be invisiblity. Bad choice for such a beautiful creature.