Sunday, October 8

Unknown Hotties of the Week 10/9--Happy Columbus Day

Happy Lie Day, lemme tell you I love doing these so it is my pleasure to give you more Unknown Hotties...

Christian Tessier
Most famous for playing Marmaduke 'Megabyte' Damon in Nickelodeon's 90's remake of the 70's British children's program The Tomorrow People (if you ask me, the first mini-series was better than the rest that just dug to deep into its strange roots of alien body snatchers and Ancient Eygptian past lives).

He is 28 and from Canada. He also was in Are You Afraid of the Dark? and Natural Enemy. He has continued doing bit parts in the movie Timeline, Taking Lives, and The Day After Tomorrow. He has recently been Tucker 'Duck' Clellan on the recent Sci-Fi Channel's Battlestar Galacta and Dutch in TNT's Saved.

Kelly Rippy
Best name goes to this International supermodel.
You know you know his face from somewhere.

Zack Gilford
Newcomer actor in the NBC TV Series Friday Night Lights based on the movie that is based on the book.

I think he is the lead quarterback on the show.

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