Saturday, March 17

Some without Oxygen

Last Friday I got a peculiar phone call from my niece, she said 'What happened to Oxygen?' She meant Oprah Winfrey's cable television channel, not what we breath. Where we could see girls behaving badly, bad girls acting worse, Canadian soft porn and a grandma saying naughty things, now was full of static. A change is being made with Comcast (which is our cable service provider) and channels are being moved to being channels you have to pay a little extra to see. According to the Pioneer Press, "Both AMC and Oxygen, co-owned by talk show host Oprah Winfrey, oppose the switch but appear able to do little about it." While Oxygen says: "We are disappointed that we have been migrated to digital and we have heard from many of our viewers who are clearly unhappy as well. We are confident that our viewers will speak up on our behalf." I am sad that we have pay for it now, because it is about the same as the Lifetime channel but my niece did say she wanted to get digital cable and that's the only way you can see it now... in our Florida area that is.