Thursday, March 15

Fantaghiro Series

There were five Italian fantasy Television movies called Fantaghirò released in between of 1991 and 1996. It was filmed in Czech Republic and spin-off into an animated series. It starred Alessandra Martines and her love interest was Kim Rossi Stuart. Fantaghirò, the rebellious youngest daughter of a warrior king. Although the women in the kingdom are supposed to do proper womenly things, Fantaghirò wants to fight. When the neighbouring enemy kingdom sends an offer of a single duel to determine the outcome of the war, the King is told by the magical White Witch that only one of his daughters can win the duel and bring peace to the two kingdoms. Fantaghirò, with her two sisters Catherina and Carolina, dress up as knights and are sent to the duel, but in the end her sisters return and Fantaghirò is left to face the enemy King Romualdo on her own.

The animation series was created in Spain by BRB Internacional with Colorland Animation Production from 1999-2000. There were 26 episodes, the series is different from the films in that it is more fast-paced and light-hearted. I've seen the cartoon, she unfortuantely always needed help from male counterparts and magical beings.