Saturday, December 16

Friday Night Lights moves to new day

(The hot bomb guy from Grey's Atanomy Kyle Chandler and Zack Gilford)

December 27th Firday Night Lights moves to Wendesdays at 8pm on NBC. What this wonderful show based on the novel and movie on real life events. Some people say it should be on Friday then it would be easy to find but tat would be too cheesy. It really is a good show no matter what people say, it is very realistic, true ot life and the sets and clothing are very accurate, not flashly at all. The parents are all in it and supporting and take the kids serious like adults and the kids know when they are dumb which is rare. ("You made a mistake. The most important thing is that you learn something from it.") When one of the football players (Smash played by Gaius Charles) is popping steroids and performing great, the coach thinks it is natural and said he should take more of what he is taking, thinking it is Wheaties.

(Scott Porter)

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