Sunday, March 11

Pollo Campero

When one thinks of the nation of Guatemala, fried chicken might not be the top of the list. My parents and entire family are from Guatemala. The most popular fried chicken fast food chain in Central America originated in Guatemala and is known as Pollo Campero ('Country Chicken'). I can recount of stories of people bringing boxes of the delicious (by my account) chicken with them on board the airplane to the states. Strangely enough the chain has restaurants in Chicago, Virgina and Maryland but not in Miami, the leading capital in Latinos. Of course, New York, California, and Texas have the distinction of being the first cities in the United States to carry the chain. Its been like probably four years since I've had their chicken. I know it might not taste the same in the States, they aren't exactly the monster mutant machince of MickeyDees.