Saturday, March 24

Scott Porter Eye Candy

Before the show "Friday Night Lights" even started and I saw the pictures of Scott Porter who plays Jason Street, who becomes quadriplegic, I thought he just another plain white pretty boy.

But since I've been watching the show much closely, I like his character very much--how tough it is for him to transition to life as quadriplegic and had to deal with that his girlfriend was cheating on him with his best friend and then when they got back together, her father didn't want him to be with her because he believe he had no future.

Scott gives a stronger performance and once he got rid of that awful hair cut (above on the first picture), he looks better and got a little more meat on him and muscular.

Porter played Matthew in the original cast of the Off-Broadway hit Altar Boyz. He can be heard on the show's cast recording. Scott Porter is 27 years old.

He played Colin Thompson, the more visible part of the duo that fronts the fictional band PoP!, in the movie Music and Lyrics. Yeah, I didn't recognize him in the trailers either. It seems he likes singing in parody stuff.

Look at those hot legs and shoes, tight. cute.

Those hot legs, juicy. Scrumptious.

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