Tuesday, June 20

Anatoliy Tymoschuk and Urkaine Players

Looking for hotties for my World Cup Special was easy but I found it hard to find any pics of the Urkanie players. Perhaps because there are not many Urkainian sites or because of the characters needed.

But I did find a site on Anatoliy Tymoschuk (Анатолій Олександрович Тимощук). Here are plenty of pics. He was born March 30, 1979 in what is now Lutsk, Urkaine.

Sporting the ripped jean look.
Sporting the no shirt look.
And just plain sporting.
He had the long hair look for a while.
Him and his wife have a daughter together.

His fellow player:
Andriy Nesmachny
There is like three 'Andriys' on this team but he's the handsomest. He was born Feb. 28, 1979 in Brjansk. He is just a month older than Anatoily.

Added June 21, 2006....

Andriy Shevchenko
Born in Dvirkivschyna, Ukraine September 29, 1976. His nickname is Sheva and he was a boxer at an early age but because of his size restrictions, he was forced to go into futbol. Andriy was 9 when the Chernobyl disaster happened in April 1986. His village wasn't not far from Chernobyl and was also affected making his family one among thousands who had to abandon their homes and relocate to the coast to escape the after-effects.