Monday, March 26

Unknown Hotties of the Week 3/26/07

Jeff Henry
He'll be 41 next month, barely noticeable huh? Well, depends when this picture was taken but I doubt he changed so much. He got his first acting break in "Exorcist 3" as Angel back in 1990. He usually plays bodyguards and police officers.

He know him from 'Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue,' where he played the resident female scientist's brother Clark Fairweather in 2000. This one was about a team that was selected to fight demons with rescue vehicles and the help of a marine-like captain. The female to his left invented all the weapons and zords (giant robots) and her brother was also a scientist who invented this awfully named cool armors for the blue and green rangers called 'Mega Battles'.

He played Tiger Handler/Roustabout in six episodes of the 'Days of Our Lives' in 2004. He played a construction worker stripper on the ill-fated 'The Geena Davis Show." He recently was the improv comedy KwameWorld. In a spoof of you know what when you read the title called The Slow and the Cautious, he played a transgender nameless character.

Christian Klien
Baby boy just turned 24 back in February and he is from Austria.

Klien was into Formula One with the Jaguar Racing team but in 2005, Jaguar were sold to Red Bull and renamed Red Bull Racing. Klien shared the race seat with Italian Vitantonio Liuzzi.

After an unsuccessful 2006, it was announced that Klien's old teammate Mark Webber would replace him for the 2007 season. Klien was offered a few alternatives to Formula One for 2007, but Klien refused and wanted to continue driving Formula One. He was eventually given a test driver role at Honda despite competition from other drivers.

He made his debut for the Japanese works team at the Circuit de Catalunya during late November of 2006.

Anthony Davidson
Anthony Denis Davidson was born in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire and will be 28 next month.

He is an British racing driver currently racing in Formula One with Super Aguri. In November 2006, it was confirmed that Davidson would partner with Takuma Sato at Super Aguri for the 2007 Formula One season.

Last August, he married his girlfriend Carrie in Banbury, Oxfordshire. The couple live in London.