Sunday, October 1

Rainbow Brite Paordy on Robot Chicken!

Tonight's Robot Chicken did big justice to Rainbow Brite, my all time favorite catoon when I was a kid. Murky and Lurky complain in a bar about not being able to make the world grey when the bartender brings it to their attention that they can do something more evil like arson. When they arrive at Rainbow's house (which looks really awesome, they got the details semi-right or close enough) and she farts, drinks and eats Sprites and kills Murky and Lurky. She then lies to the Color Kids--who aren't so accurate and don't have their stars on their belts and Indigo (the only African-American Color Kid) is absent. I think the ones thye put where La La Orange, Carany Yellow, Buddy Blue, Shy Violet and possibly Patty O' Green.