Saturday, August 4

More Cast in The Watchmen, more of a reality

It is becoming more of an reality that the Watchmen will become a movie. For those who don't know about The Watchmen, its premise is what if superheroes existed in our real world? Viliginates existed in the 30s but a ban was put on vigilantes in the 70s and they returned to their so-called real lives. But now, someone is murdering them one by one. The comic was set in the 1980s and Richard Nixon was still President in this comic's world. Zack Synder (300) is directing the movie adaptation and so far they got some cuties...

Strapping Billy Crudup (Almost Famous, The Good Shepherd) as Dr. Manhattan. I see Crudup in more a funny role, I dunno if he can be as reflective as Manhattan. Dr. Manhattan was a man who through a radioactive accident becomes a indifferent and existential demi-god.

Scrumptious and rugged stage actor Patrick Wilson (Little Children) as the Nite-Owl. I always saw Nite-Owl as disheveled, unpreserved but Wilson is anything but. Nite-Owl was the second of his kind, picking up the mantel from a veteran and being down in his luck in all accounts.

Smoking hot Brit Mathew Goode as Ozymandias but I don't know if he will be as compelling as the character needs to be. A super rich playboy whose name and appearance comes from a fascination with all things Egyptian. He has a huge company that enables him to have a genetically-created red-hued Lynx.

Jackie Earle Haley was also in Little Children with Wilson. He will portray the important Rorschach. Rorschach is a shady vigilante that carries a diary and investigates a murder of a former vigilante and pretty much draws everyone together.

Malin Akerman (Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, "Entourage," "The Comeback") has been cast as Laurie Juspeczyk. I have not seen her work. Laurie is the daughter of the Silk Spectre, who pushed her into the 'superhero' biz but eventually stole Dr. Manhattan from his first love. They lived together for years but she grew tired of his isolation and becomes friends with Night Owl.

And a bit of perfect casting I think is Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Denny Duquette of "Grey's Anatomy" and the dad John Winchester on "Supernatural") as The Comedian. The Comedian is a jackass bad boy who worked with Dr. Manhattan for the government. He was also accused of sexually assaulting Laurie's mother.

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