Thursday, August 9

Naming Names

It is a popular joke that there should be a test and license people should take before they become parents because some parents make really strange decisions. Now, who are we to decide what is appropriate or inapporiate? But do you really want to be called Apple or Kal-El or Navaeh or 4Real or ESPN?

Celebrities have recently called their children strange names but now there is that New Zealand couple that made headlines because they wanted to call their kid 4Real. Now they want to call their kid Superman. Naming your kid Osama Bin Ladin and Adolf Hitler is against the law in Germany. French have to pick a name out of a list, while you can't call your kid a four-letter word in the Untied States but I couldn't find any references on this. I don't know if it is the word Shit or Fuck or both.

But seriously, when I was a kid don't want a name someone can make fun of. But your last name--unfortunately you can't change that. People called me Condom for years, well at least I could say, 'hey at least I'm safe.' But then people would retort, "Yeah but no one wants you!"