Sunday, August 26

Robot Chicken Review 'Rabbits on a Rollercoster'

August 26, 2007
'Rabbits on a Rollercoster'

I don't remember any Rabbits on a rollercoaster but tonight was a real great episode of "Robot Chicken." They made fun of how Battlestar Galactica use similar words (that sound dumb) for curse words. It is described on the synopsis as 'The crew of Battlestar Galactica defeats the FCC threat.' Also there was a priceless sequence of one of my favorite shows, Turbo Teen. You get exactly what you expect with Robot Chicken's take on a teenager who transforms into a car and everything bad that can happen to a car happens. As well, another cover on M.A.S.K.

But the cake goes to The Worst Halloween, in which a boy named Randy is given Robot Chicken's version of the MMPR Pink Ranger costume. Of course, as a PR purist, I got to say something. The helmet was good but instead of diamonds on her outfit, there are two 'boob' circles. Other than that, a good sketch.

Seth Green or someone at Robot Chicken has to be a BIG Rainbow Brite fan because they did their research! It was priceless! They did a SECOND Rainbow Brite sketch. I love Robot Chicken now. In this sketch, a little girl in a corn field is spoken to by the 'sphere of light' to 'find the seven color kids,' which is basically the plot of Rainbow Brite's origin. That this big ball of light brought Wisp (Rainbow's original name) to a dark land to find the Sphere of Light and find the seven color kids. She later did and the Sphere of Light was another giant ball of light. So in this sketch, what appears to this little girl in the corn field is the ball of light. She accepts the 'mission' and later, her parents find that she is dead, she bascially 'followed the light.' Awesome!