Monday, August 13

Wyclef and Lauren Hill Blame Game

Lauren Hill is one of the most talented artists out there, so why hasn't she released an album in this decade? She did have her rare MTV Unplugged appearance in 2002 but most articles and interviews by her point to the industry and her self image. Also some culminate it to Wyclef Jean. interview with her

Now it is highly popularized that Wyclef Jean blames Lauren for the lack of a comeback with the Fugees. The Fugees performed on September 18, 2004 at Dave Chappelle's Block Party but there has been a falling out. Wyclef is saying that 'she wants to be the producer' and that it is 'her problem.' Pras even confirmed that 'some things she needs to deal with.'

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Interview with Pras

There was a Rolling Stone article in 2004, it was talking about Lauren being depressed and because of Wyclef. His psychological trauma he has caused her through the years. I think it is screwed up if he says that it is her problem (that he probably had something that caused it) and that she is the one to surpass it. Sometimes, when people that are responsible for the behavior don't realize it. Now, I am not saying he is the one for the sole blame. They all have lots of issues to work through. They each have to take the responsibility of the past. If she doesn't want to work with him, then she shouldn't and doesn't have to. They just have to move on.