Friday, August 17

Save the Black Dogs!

I didn't know about Black Dog Syndrome, but apparently there is a staggering number of black dogs that don't get adopted and so much that it is now a non-scientific condition. Without knowing that, I am saving the black dogs. Me and my parents have two black dogs. The bigger one is Kiwi, she is a ten year-old German Sheppard/Doberman mix and the little one is a Australian Sheppard mutt. My niece's dog is also a black dachshund. So we are all doing our part.

"Black dogs, particularly large black dogs like Labradors or Lab mixes, have a very difficult time getting adopted, and are euthanized at a staggering rate at many animal control facilities throughout the country."
Glendale Humane Society

"That there is absolutely no scientific evidence to support the position that color has any bearing whatsoever on temperament, health, or overall quality of any dog, regardless of breed!"
Back in Black

More info here at:
Black Pearl