Tuesday, August 14

Pinocchio and the Scarred Children

I don't know what it is about Pinocchio that brings the darkest in film makers. Not only animation, live-action adaptations have also been scary, especially when it comes to scene where the kids turn into donkeys. Well the animation that has scared us 80's baby was the Disney movie "Pinocchio" and the Filmation 1987 movie "Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night," the non-0ffcial sequel. I saw it on TV after it came out in the theaters and I was just freaked out. The scene that is the darkest is when Pinocchio goes from a real boy back to puppet. Now, I am not saying being dark in cartoons is bad. It is actually a good. It rarely happens these days. Disney gets accused these days that they are too politically correct and soft. But the artists were more lenient back then. But you scared us people!