Sunday, August 5

Why are there more of those dropped called commercials?

Cingular keeps releasing those 'dropped call' commercials where a call is dropped and there is a misunderstanding between two people. For example, when the wife announces to her husband that she is pregnant and because of the dropped call, she thinks he is being silent because he is not happy. Or the one where the mom gets the call from her daughter from las Vegas and thinks she is getting married. Those are actually the newer ones. I think one of the first ones is where the father of the bride talks to the soon-to-be son-in-law or the one where the guy calls his girl and thinks from the silence she is seeing someone else. Anyhoo, they are making more and more of these freaking commercials! I'm tired of them already. Come on AT&T (who now owns Cingular)! Is this going to be like those "Priceless" Mastercard commercials?