Thursday, August 9

When My Patriotism is Still called into question

Well practically everything I post here can be considered an Editorial but now I want to talk about something serious. While most of the media outlets are calling a hypothetical article by Steven D. Levitt, a Freakonomics Blogger. Freakonomics is hosted now by NY Times, that is why it is being referred to as New York Times blog in most reports. Here is an article from Fox News. Everyone is accusing him of being irresponsible and unpatriotic. What happened to freedom of speech? Can't people understand something that is meant to be objective and reflective, not to be taken seriously. Who are we to consider someone unpatriotic or not? Fox News, in this case and how Jon Stewart has pointed out, are not objective and they lick the balls of the current administration. When it came to Bill Maher, ABC canceled his show when he agreed with a guest that the Terrorists were not cowards in his September 17, 2001 episode. "Stupid, but not cowards."

Now, what is unfortunate about these times is that now after writing that, fearing that I will get hate mail or something worse, I may feel I have to write that I don't agree with these views. I was born in the United States, I have lived here my whole life and I consider myself an American and part of being American is having balls. George Washington had balls. Abraham Lincoln had balls. Ben Franklin had balls. And so did JFK. Not fearing, and not giving into fear. What is fear is accusing other people of other things and fearing not to speak your mind.

Thank god we have not had terrorism attacks since and that is thanks to all American security efforts. But all the horrible things that happened lately, such as Hurricane Katrina, Virginia Tech attack, the Minnesota bridge collapse, the trapped miners, have nothing to do with our foreign enemies. It is unfortunate and terrible what has happened but thankfully it hasn't been terrorism. And after six years, we still freak out when something is close to a terrorism attack. We have to be strong by not being scared, terrified. To terrorize is defined as 'to create and maintain a state of extreme fear and distress in.' So far it has unfortunately been maintained.