Tuesday, August 14

Toxic Cursaders

In 1991, when the fame of the Ninja Turtles was at its height--a similar show caught my eye. I was 8. The cartoon had only 13 episodes, being canceled quickly. Me and my friends really liked it. I asked my parents for the action figures... the one I wanted the most was Toxie, the leader and when my dad saw it in the toy store, he thought it was too ugly so didn't get it. The story made me laugh. Since there was only 13 episodes, it was like a special, they would move the show around and sometimes stopped showing it all together. It was syndicated so it might have been different for the viewers in whichever area or country they were in. In Miami, they showed it every weekday just for a month and then months later, weekly on the weekend. I got to see it everyday through the Palm Beach channel.

Years later I found out what many already know. That the show was based on the 1985 B-Movie now cult classic and extremely violent "The Toxic Avenger" which became a trilogy and now there is four movies. The cartoon Toxic Avengers gave the hero a softer origin story and many many friends with equally mutated powers fighting against alien polluters.

There was:
-NoZone, a big nosed blue-skinned former pilot with super sneezing.
- Major Disaster, a former military solider with plant-controlling abilities
- Junkyard, a wolfman hobo.
- Headbanger, a mad scientist mixed with his surfer dude assistant

I have not seen it in years but I really liked it and was disappointed it only lasted 13 years. There was even a movie based on the cartoon planned that never really launched.

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