Sunday, August 26

4400 Season 4 Near-End Review

There is two more episodes to go and the finale of the USA Network Sci-Fi series is on September 16. When it used to be called 'X-Men'-lite, it has now kicked up into extreme mode. This season has been quick moving and more jumbled than the entire series of "Lost." It is a bit more clear cut but there has been lots of changing. Let me tell you, I am enjoying this season. It has drawn from its mythology and built up. Giving a name to the people that wanted 4400 dead and who sent Isabelle, what Matthew Ross was--one of the Marked. Now, Tom that has been turned into a 'marked' and working both sides. But there is many sides. Kyle has also become a major player, becoming Jordan Collier's second-in-command. Also, Isabelle who has been trying to find her place in world, now is being forced to go back to her 'destiny.'

Now that the Promicin was rampant, many 'normal' people want to take it to gain abilities. Lots of stable characters now have abilities and more and more abilities have turned in. From simple to mimicking voices, to strange as making movies about revealed conspiracies and ridiculous to being a 'therapist' and creating a rock in its place--supposedly, the stress that was held up. So yeah, the show has gotten confusing in the respect of trying to track down who is who and who is in cahoots with who. And who to invest in. Especially, the main character of Tom Baldwin, who has been restless to save his son Kyle and now is one of the 'Marked' and sort of abandoned us. As for Kyle, he is now sure of Collier and believes in a list that his father of, that must take promicin. Collier has definitely become what we knew he was going to be and has stayed 'peaceful' but a brain tickler. Who I think they should get rid of is Shawn, he has burned his usefulness, now that the wants to be a senator. It was interesting that he rejuvenated his opponent from a coma, even though Mya had predicted he would turn against the 4400. In turn, Shawn has turn his back on Collier and the real 4400.