Sunday, August 19

Mencia's 2nd Annual Stereotypical Olympics

Last year Carlos Mencia of "Mind of Mencia" had a Stereotype Olympics, he had plenty of cute guys. He had a white guy, black guy, middle-eastern fellow, Asian, and a beaner (Latino). This time he mixed it up with a gay man (named Sparkle) and a Jewish person including the Asian, black guy and Latino (Cuban). It was just five instead of six. Last time it was fence jumping (Latino), ice skating (White), looting (Black), penis size (Asian), and bomb making (Middle-Eastern). This time they had to swim with tires (Cuban stereotype), grab money (Jewish), hip-hop dance (Black), dive (Asian), and banana eating contest (gay). I was surprised with the gay guy added, his name was 'sparkle.' This time the gay guy, the Asian and the Cuban were cute. Last time it was the Middle Eastern guy. I liked that the medal for the gay challenge was a row of condoms.