Tuesday, August 14

Big Ups to Jon Stewart

On tonight's (August 14, 2007) episode of "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," Jon covered a special show on the Logo network with the Democratic presidential candidates and Melissa Etheridge as the host. When one of the candidates (forget his name, the fat one) said being gay was a choice, he called him 'crazy' and overall made it into even a question. It was more about if the dude understood the question or not. And also did a hilarious dirty joke montage which he discribe it himself childish. That is what is great about Jon and the show, they are aware of their childishness. And it is not even an issue that the show is pro-gay, it is not even an issue. He finds the truth. He makes lays out the idiots for who they are. It is beyond pro-gay, they are not afraid of saying the truth. He makes an analogy of if the candidates was upfront about being pro-gay or catering to the GLBT issues, with clips from the movie Caddishack. Surprisingly David Kucinich made a hole in one, but it made that gopher puppet come out. Anyhoo, yay Stewart!

I found this pic just perfect for this.

Also on the subject of Presidential Candidates and GLBT issues, in the August 13 article ["Show 'Em Whatcha Got"] of Newsweek by Jonathan Dorman, brings to light that some candidates are 'okay' with GLBT community but don't talk about with mainstream society. For example, Clinton didn't speak up in congress by marriage, voted but didn't speak up.