Sunday, October 29

Unknown Hotties of the Week 10/30

Brandon Beemer
He's 26, is Shawn Brady on Days of Our Lives.

He has been on queer horror b-movie The Brotherhood, and shows like Undressed, CSI, and General Hospital.

Jeff Samardzija
His last name is pronounced sa-MAR-ja. He's 21 and was born in Merrillville, Indiana and is Serbian-American.

He is the wiude reciever for the University of Norte Dame.

He is also a picther for the Boise Hawks and the Peoria Chiefs, both affiliates of the Chicago Cubs.

David Eckstein
Speaking about Baseball... He's 31, from Sanford, Florida. He is the current hitter form St. Louis Cardinals.

He was a member of the 2002 World Series champion Anaheim Angels (now the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim).

By the way, it is the end of the month so 'The Unknown Hottie of the Summer' poll is no closed. Only one person voted.