Saturday, October 28

Someone wants attention on Spanish Reality Shows

There are two local Latino channels where I noticed one guy has applied for 'reality shows'. On the new hit Desafio 20.06 on GENTV (which is like 'Survivor'), there is a Venezuelan guy called Daniel Mucerino from Fort Lauderdale and is a waiter. He acts sort of feminine, paints his Chihuahua's nails, and cried in the last episode because his team lost a challenge. Then I realized he also auditioned for MegaTV's 'Mega Modelo' where they picked 12 finalists to finally have one Model for their station. He did not make it to the finalists, his picture below.

No offense to Daniel, if he is reading this--eek, but I did think he was gay. He sure is handsome and has a great body but thats not why. To my surprise, on his short profile on the GenTV site, it says his wife lives in Orlando. Maybe he just acts that way, I don't want to judge. Obviously if you read this blog, you know I am a gay man and I didn't like being judged. As for him being on both channels, more of him is no problem for me. Bueno, duh!, el tiene mi atencion ahora.

May 27 Update: His Official MySpace page