Wednesday, October 4

Anime's Revenge: Powerpuff Girls Z

If you thought the Powerpuff Girls were Anime-like enough, Toei Animation took it on their own to make their own to make their own reimagining of the Powerpuff Girls. It is called Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z. It started last July.

That is the opening. Creator Craig McCraken has nothing to do with this series. The girls are now no longer sisters and have seperate families and use henshin devices to transform into their super modes. Most of the discriptions are from Wikipedia of course. Instead of Chemical X, these people get effected by a Chemical Z partical ray.

Momoko Akatsutsumi/Hyper Blossom
Like her PPG counterpart, she is the leader. The original is an intelligent bossy leader while the Japanese version is a bit boy-crazy now and is familiar with magic.

Miyako Goutokuji / Rolling Bubbles
The original was the shy, most easily frightened, and most childish of the group. In this version, she is the ditziest member of the three, often appearing a bit clueless, and doesn't seem to understand her powers completely, among a few other things. She is, however, a little more mature than some of the girls in the team and will try to calm any situation, although she too can be angered.

Kaoru Matsubara/Powered Buttercup
The original was the 'tough one' and this version she is the tomboy who dresses and acts like a boy.

Professor Utonium
In the orginal, he was trying to create a perfect little girl and is the father of the three sisters. He invented Chemical Z Particle Ray, which allows him to transform those affected by the lights back to normal (although it doesn't prevent recurring transformations nor is it able to work on all Chemical Z victims).

Ken Kitazawa
8 year-old genius son of Professor Utonium who is somewhat responsible for turning regular girls into the Powerpuff Girls and numerous other characters into villains using "Chemical Z". He seems to want to call his father "Papa", but always apologizes right afterwards, addressing him as "Professor", possibly out of respect for his father's profession. He has a robot dog named Peach.

Mayor and Mayor Mayor
Mayor Mayor is the Mayor of Tokyo City. Despite being the counterpart to the original Mayor of Townsville, his design is distinctly different as he has no monocle or top hat, and is of normal height. Whilst he is easily flustered, and retains a slightly childish streak--his attention span seems short, he is quite easily amused and distracted just like the original--his personality is still far less extreme than that of his moronic, empty-headed US counterpart.

Miss Bellum
The running gag is kept intact in which her face doesn't appear on screen. She is now a blonde.Usually, Miss Bellum covers her face with a tablet computer, which has lipstick imprinted on it. Miss Bellum in the Anime does most of the mayor's work for him just like the original Miss Bellum, and still appears to be the brains of the operation. She also instructs the girls a bit, which she has done several times in the original. Fuzzy Lumpkins has a crush on her, she dislikes Fuzzy of course.

Ms. Keane
In the original, she was the kindergarden teacher who seem to have an attitude. In the Anime, she is a new teacher at the girls' school and is adored by her male students, although the female students don't like her as much, especially Himeko (Princess).

Mojo Jojo
The original is overly-talkative and has a redundant speech pattern while his main villain counterpart simply ends every sentence with the word "Mojo". Instead of being Utonium's lab monkey he was a normal monkey mistreated by some humans in the Tokyo City Zoo until he was affected by a black light from Chemical Z making him highly intelligent, seeking revenge on all humans. Now he can fly. He is still about the same size as the original as the giant cape conceals his small figure.

Sedusa can drastically alter her appearance by adding or removing makeup and is a master of disguise, just like the original alongside her seductive manner. Sedusa has an alter-ego in this version which is the girls' friend, Sakurako.

Princess Morbucks
Himeko Shirogane / Princess-sama
In the original, she whined to her rich father to fund her attempts at destroying the Powerpuff Girls. This incarnation of Princess is also rich but incredibly snobby and the black Chemical Z light doesn't take effect until her anger towards the Powerpuff Girls Z became unbearable, and soon she turned into a psychotic looking version of her former self, which was appropriately dubbed "Princess-sama" (Or Monster Princess by girls). Himeko is constantly looking for attention from her classmates, but the current popularity of the Powerpuff Girls Z infuriates her as well as anyone who gets more attention than she does (her reason for not liking Ms. Keane).

Fuzzy Lumpkins
After the explosion of the Chemical Z ray, one of the black lights landed in the forest, creating the monster Fuzzy Lumpkins. In the original, Fuzzy Lumpkins was a selfish monster, who easily gets angry, especially when it concerns his property In this incarnation his cabin and "boomstick" are missing but he is still very destructive and rude and bascially everything is considered his property.

In this version, they are comprised of two males and one female. They were three somewhat-intelligent amoebas before they were hit by one of the black lights. The original ones didn't know what a crime was but these do, they lack the ability to carry them out, through a combination of their own incompetence (using water guns instead of the genuine article), their lack of physical size (they are not even one foot tall), or knowledge of how to efficiently commit a crime (they took a number to rob a bank). They also have the ability to merge, and turn into a giant yellow amoeba that is extremely weak, dispite its size.

Also, there are plenty original villians in the series but there just isnt any more space on this blog.

This concludes this public service announcement.