Thursday, October 12

Last Night's South Park Sucked

'Mystery of the Urinal Deuce' aired last night I personally did not like it. Some episodes can not appeal to me but that is rare. I'm sure Trey and Matt are tired by now of fans who thinks eps suck but I hope this one is less played. Also saying this, I did not care for the one about the duesh (sp) and the crap sandwhich. That ep carelessly slapped together PETA moking and Puff Daddy in one ep about pointed jab at the Bush-Carey canpainging. As for this new ep, it goes around in circles about conspiracies while meshing literal toliet humor. While one episode tastefully had people crapping out of their mouths to give allegorical imagery to athestist beliefs, this one still a bit abstract and not pointed enough to its subject matter. I guess they were tired of being painfully obvious and just went for boringly obvious.