Monday, October 9

Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Eureka's Colin Ferguson in Lifetime movie

I'm not fond of Lifetime movies, only when there are handsome guys (Cuando no?!). October 30th, there is one called 'The House Next Door' starring Lara Flynn-Boyle, Mark-Paul Gosselaar (looking sexy as ever) and Sci-Fi Original Eureka's Colin Ferguson.

Some pics I found online.

If you don't know Colin Ferguson, he was in "More Tales of the City", the hot guy with amnesia. You got to see him in swim trunks! He is Canadian. He is no stranger to Lifetime movies, he was in Mom at Sixteen.

One of his first roles was in "Are you Afraid of the Dark?" He has been on Malcolm in The Middle, Titus, The Outer Limits, Girlfriends and Coupling. The short-lived WB show Dead Last about three rock band mates that see ghosts.

In 'Eureka', he plays the straightman single father sheriff to a town of hyper-intellegent gadget-creating geniuses.