Wednesday, October 4

Rating the new guy-- David S. Rosenthal

It is time to rate David S. Rosenthal, the new Excuetive Producer of the Gilmore Girls. With the season premiere of Season 7, let's first say I tried to go in with an open mind and forget thaere is a new guy calling the shots. Especially a guy instead of a woman, Amy Sherman-Palladino. Charmed went through a similar change and I think it got better. But in this case, I don't think anyone can replace her wit and smarts. But the show has declined a bit, especially Season 4-6.

So far Rosenthal has been able to capture the chatty-chatness of the girls. Even when they try not to talk, it is hiralous. But unfortuantely it comes out like he is trying too hard. Also, the plots seem to get better and feel like its comes full circle. What past seasons suffered of the slow-moving pace and basically nothing really happened or coming full circle. Things happened but it was like they just happened. In the premiere, Logan leaves Rory with a rocket prop. She hiralously tries to figure out why he sent it to her and later finds out it is from an episode of the Twlight Zone ("The Long Morrow") to be the most romantic gesture over. Also the local nut Taylor installs a camera to catch people passing the red light and ofcourse, it is in front of Luke's diner. To 'christen' it, local cutie/wierdo Kirk to test it out, he smashes Luke's big window with his car. Loreali ends it with Luke and doesn't tell him way until later and everyone else is puzzled.

In the second episode, Luke immediately punches Chris in the face after being told by Loreali that she slept with him and she has yet to tell Rory that she slept with her father. The only one that she had told to is Sookie who she explains to that she told Luke. In the breaks, some Dove girls talk about the episode but don't really add nothing to the story, seem like they have been forced to talk about themselves. As for the episode itself, Zack and Lane has come back from their honeymoon in Mexico which seemed to suck. Lane still looks a little girl, even though she is twenty year old wife. Lane tells Rory is horrible and believes it is all a conspiracy, which Rory knows it really isn't when she is sort of an expert. Lane only tired once (outside on a dirty crab-infested beach) and already want sto give up. In the 2nd ep much like Sherman-Palladino, Rosenthal has Luke and Rory clash with each other on the street. Uh-Oh moment is when Chris lives a message on the machine and Rori hears it leaving a huge gap in their newly refound goo-gooey realtionship. Rory quickly punishes her and keeps on repeating 'You slept with Dad.' Another bombshell is given near the end of the ep. Rory even bites her tounge (she doesn't admit it but you can see it in her face).

The characters seem all the same--Luke's annoying brother-in-law T.J. and the goofy neighbors like Babette and Miss Patty. Weirdly enough, Sookie's dialouge seems a bit different, slower and stiffer maybe probably Rosenthal and Rebecca Rand Kirshner haven't prefected it yet. Rebecca is one of my fav writers from Buffy and really has found her stride since she joining last year. Funny enough Loreali's parents still haven't appeared yet. Like much Gilmore Girls episdoes, the bloated cast can't appear in every episode. In the first, almost the whole cast appears for Lane and the grandparents.

Kudos to Rosenthal.... so far.