Saturday, October 21

Freak Show and Drawn Together Switch Places

Comedy Central thinks they cleverly outsmarted us by switching Freak Show (which convientally was placed after South Park on Wednesdays) and Drawn Together (after an encore South Park on Thursday's places. Now, one might wonder why such a change would occured. My suspicion is that Drawn Together can't draw an audience and from all the rave reviews David Cross' brain child is gathering, it would make sense that it will be able to hold its own on Thursdays. This is a positive outlook other than thinking that the network doesn't like Freak Show so they are burning out eps on Thursday but with all good buzz I hear, I doubt it. I didn't like the idea first but it is a fairly good show. What the promotions fail at is saying that just because they are handicap, they will fail but fail to explain that a closeted republican becomes a big bear, I thought it was just a S&M guy they were considering a freak.