Sunday, October 29

Grey's Anatomy T.R. Knight outted

This is an open letter to actor T.R. Knight who plays the lovelorn George on 'Grey's Anatomy' who I feel has been force out because of questions of his sexuality. The tabloids who I hold with a grain of salt that supposedly Isaiah Washington said a gay slur. Anyhoo, T.R. released a statement ten days ago.

[T.R. Knight above with Luke MacFarlane---stage actor now on Brothers & Sisters as the gay brother's love interest]

Dear Theodore Raymond Knight,

I regret it had to be this way but it seems many people are obessed to know if an actor or celebrity is gay and then forget about them when they do. Although it can be said that there is a lot of successful celebrities that have come out but that is like a handful. At least it is in the air now. I honestly admire you, I understand you want to keep to your private life private but you don't care what people care. It honestly is no one business. I came out ten years ago when I was a teenager, and it was a long road but also helped me accept myself. Just let no one get to you (I had my hair blue once too!). Like you said, it is no the only aspect of you and it doesn't define all of you. I think of it, if people know other people have a girlfriend or wife, then why not know this and be fine with it? It is all should be the same.

They freakin' followed these guys.