Friday, October 20

To Grey's Writers Blog

I just love Grey Matter where the writers of Grey's Anatomy post their thoughts and fellings of episodes they have written. It is a great website. They are honest and wonderful. As for Thursday 10/19's episode "Oh, The Guilt" was one of he best episodes of the entire show. Third season has been good so far but this episode stands out. Izzie's storyline and Burke's storyline have been moving on slowly but this is when they have bite the dust and really face their demons. Especially Miranda. In this episode, the gang is excited to go to an M&M where the higher-ups being blamed and stuff but then they bring up the issue of Denny. Unfortuantely it is Miranda who has to bite it for their mistake and Izzie is in the room.

Miranda is blamed that because she was a mother that applied to it. Miranda faces that being a mother is what makes her strong. Meredith of course worries about something and never speaks out. That she said 'no' to Finn (Chris O' Donnell) and that Derek bowed out. In true Grey fashion, when Meredith does actually admit to Derek, he is aloof. There is a great scene between Izzie and Burke. Izzie admits that they were friends, they had a great report and I'm glad they touched on it. It was a powerful scene. So yeah, everyone has guilt, even Callie who slept with McSteamy in the last episode.

The episode was written by Zoanne Clack, Tony Phelan, Joan Rater, by focusing on every character, they still capture each character's voice. Christina is classic when a guy gets a heart attack, she says 'Thank god--I mean Code Blue." Everyone discovers what they should have already know. Izzie is a suregon, Miranda is a mother, etc. So yeah, great ep.