Tuesday, May 23

Scrubs Next Season Delayed

TV Guide considers Scrubs not being on the fall schedule for NBC just like last season a upheavel on NBC's part but why couldn't it be consider like FOX and ABC's choice two years ago to start 24 and Alias in January? The series creator of Scrubs says he even knew about this. The show is pretty funny, this whole season was hiralous.

To catch you up:
J.D. (Zach Braff) had a relationship with his real-life girlfriend Mandy Moore and even bought a front porch (literally) with her but then found out she wasn't interested in having a long-term relationship. Then he did find a real good girlfriend.. the chick (Elizabeth Banks) from the 40 year-old Virgin. The finale ended up in Jordan (The Drew Carrey's Christa Miller Lawrence) and J.D.'s girlfriend pregnant, while Carla is already pregnant. Travis Schuldt an intern became Elliot's new beau and Jay Kenneth Johnson became the new resident hottie genacologist.