Friday, October 6

Extra Extr@! Ultra Hunks

There is an educational program that is on one of the channels I work a and they are for teaching languages. There is one show that is reformatted for other languages. The story is about a rich foreigner who goes to another country to live with his penpal (who doesn't entirely remember him), her mousy roommate and male neighbor. So for example in 'Extra in French,' the foreigner is American and he goes to France and in 'Extra in English' the foreigner is Argentinean and goes to England. Here is some pictures of the hot males.

Toby Walton
Plays goofy English lathorio Nick in 'Extra in English'.

Lawerence Ray
He played Sam, the American who came to France. He can speak English, French and a bunch of other words but I believe he's British. Not so sure.

Jean-Felix Callens
He plays the French version of the Lathorio/wannabe actor Nico. Which I can't find any pictures at all except for this one from a fellow blogger. He is so hot and has a great butt that unfortuantely I can't display here.