Tuesday, October 31

Nip/Tuck's Miami not accurate at all

I don't know if Nip/Tuck films in Miami or not, but of course it protrays Miami Beach more than anything but it is not accurate to Miami at all. Miami has a lot of streets that are undergoing construction, lots of new buildings half produced, and broken old streets everywhere. Also, Hispanics, lots of hispanics and Cubans more than anything. Who are absent from Nip/Tuck. Rosie O' Donnell's earjacking, the street there looked like Miami Beach but who stole her ear were white. There is more white people in Nip/Tuck than there really are in Miami. Nip/Tuck has been on for four years, I forget it is even suppose to be Miami.

There are a lot of houses with wood which is not common in Miami. The only accurate-looking thing is the doctor's parking garage. That one really does look like a usual Miami parking garage.