Monday, July 2

Unknown Hotties of the Week 7/2/07

Desmond Harrington
He is a 30-year old actor, played Wylie Blake on "Brothers and Sisters." He recently is on "Reno 911"

"I could have taken a bigger role in a smaller movie, but for me it's never about the size of the role. I figured I could really learn something." - On being cast in 2002's We are Soldiers

He was in the Sci-Fi mini-series "Taken," and the movie The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc with Milla Jovovich.

Named one of E! Online's Sizzlin' 16 in 2002 and won best actor in Málaga International Week of Fantastic Cinema in 2004 for the movie Love Object.

Trent Garrett
Model and recently in the Pizza Hut P'zone commercial. Covered here in my baby blog Caramelitos Baronil.

He was in a Joss Stone music video "Super Duper Love."

His brother Adam briefly did modeling.

Raoul Meier
Model Raoul Meier is a lawyer-in-training, models for Hugo Boss Motion fragrance campaigns.

Here is an ad from the 'Boss in Motion,' he also did the ad for Edition Blue.

This site says he is from Billefeld. Could it be Bielefeld, Germany he is from?