Wednesday, July 4

Buffy Season 8 Comic Spoiler Interviews

The cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer didn't even know that Joss Whedon was making a comic of Season 8, and I am sure many still don't know. It is already at Issue 4 and a lot has happened. I grouped together really informative interviews on the books. You can order the re-issues and pre-order upcoming issues here at If you have read the issues already, these aren't really spoilers. I am going into plot specifics because you just gotta go out and buy it! No news on agraphic novel yet but a compilation of the first four will be out in November but who can wait that long?

MTV News
Basic stuff on the comicComic Resources
In this interview Joss Whedon talks about after issue 4.
iF Magazine
Interviews Scott Allie, the editor that has been around the beginning of the Buffy comic itself.
The A.V. Club
Joss is frank about Season Six of Angel in comic book form and still stands by on how the final episode ended.

He puts it well, "But calling it Season Eight isn’t what makes this special. It’s that it is the continuation of the show by the guy who created it, the guy who deserves the credit for the success of the show, who’s as involved in this “season” as he was in the best seasons of the TV Series."

A loving review on the first four issues

And Buffy might not be the only one coming back in full official canon status in the comic world. More here as well.