Thursday, July 5

Declan and Kyle: When Subtext becomes text?

Well when there is a popular show there is always crazy theories about characters being gay: "Friends" Chandler and Joey, Buffy and Faith, and "Xena: Warrior Princess" (Should I say more?) Even I am buying into this now with that Declan and Kyle may be a secret gay couple. This use to be used back when when gay people weren't visible, subtext and not blatantly saying it. Now fans are believing the same as well. It doesn't help that Declan is done up like a pretty doll, reminds me of Alvin and the Chimpmunks, how they draw them lately. Blonde hair and big doll blue eyes.

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ToastyPotato wonders why Declan is so depressed...
Television Without Pity: 'Because who need a navel anyway?'
Leonana blacks out a spoiler I will mention below.
Television Without Pity: 'Because who needs a navel ayway?'
Boo Bear wonders if they actual 'out' Declan

Okay here is the spoiler that I have been trying to avoid but I guess it is going to inevitable. This picture from and Jessi XX's profile from the official website circles rumors. So yes, signs points to Declan and Jessi hooking up.

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Czeri puts a wonderful twist on things. Saying gay with Kyle is good and straight with Jessi is evil.

I would agree that an relationship with Jessi make take Declan to the dark side but I think it is to make Kyle jealous on Jessi's side, because she is with his 'best friend' and Declan gets closer to the mystery that is Kyle. Or maybe just date a female Kyle. Ooh, more subtext! So if the subtext is Declan is gay, then him dating the female version of Kyle, then that adds more subtext. Interesting. In my own opinion, I do not believe they are going to go out and say that Declan is gay. Now if it isn't suppose to be gay subtext, we are probably just seeing too much into this and I am just wishfully thinking.