Wednesday, July 4

The Real Tropical Fruits

Today my aunt brought us a fruit my mom calls Sapote (my mom is from Guatemala) and Cubans call it Mamey. I never tried it before and it was delicious and found it orgasmic. We looked it up and it is called Mamey Sapote, and Wikipedia says it can used as an aphrodisiac.

Mamey Sapote is used for ice cream, milkshakes and much more. Wikipedia is right when it says it tastes like a mix of pumpkin and honey. It is sweet but not too sweet. Now, here are other rarely known fruits.

My mom calls this fruit Mamey, in other places it is called Mamey Amarillo (Yellow), and Mamey de Santo Domingo. It grows around Jamaica, Santo Damingo, Spain and apparently from what my mom says Guatemala, meaning probably the rest of Central America.

Nisperio is one of our favorite fruits. It is small, yellow and a bit sour. We have always had it in our house. We had a tree in the front yard that was chopped down by my brother-in-law and one in the back yard that got wiped away by a hurricane. It grows only in the spring and first it has these small white flowers and strange brown things that sprout out to be the fruit.

It is referred to as Loquat in English. It apparently grows throughout the world since it grows in Lebanon, Syria, Italy, Spain, Bermuda, Japan, northern Africa and China. I see them peeled and hallowed out in Chinese and Japanese buffet restaurants.

Canistel, which i have never seen before--it said to be related to the Mamey Sapote (the first one). It looks more like the Nispero above.

We know about the Mango, Plantains and Papaya, these are more rare and also tropical.
This site has more fruits: Tropical Fruit Nursery