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Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix Movie Review

For those who haven't read the books or newcomers
Now what everyone in the Muggle (I hear the term so little that sometimes I forget what it is) world have been hearing is that Harry Potter will die. There is much confusion for non-diehard fans that if it is from the movie or the upcoming final chapter of the series since both are debuting this month. Many people in my life have not read the books: my parents, my nephew, and my best friend to name a few. They love seeing the movies though. This movie is really good, beautifully visually and realistically emotionally. It is deep and psychological, much like The Prisoner of Azkaban. And certain things are twisted. Potter's love interest Cho Chang is shown to betray him through the veritaserum and then not mentioned again. In the book, it was her friend to told and the gang found out she was the squealer by a hex on her face. Cho and Harry simply 'fell apart' because of misguided jealously of Hermione and defending her friend Marietta.

In watching the latest adaptation, it is enjoyable for the casual viewer but there is a lot of hidden information that only ones that have read Rowling's wonderful words to truly know. In some of the other movies, I wondered if the movies only serve as nods to the fans but I figure it serves as both. I see the movies as to avenues to things I might have missed and also as different interpretations. For Rowling herself, her characters aren't the actors or the move interpretations but what she originally has in her mind. They have stayed the same for her. For example, the Dobby in my mind is way cooler than the one in the second film. This movie very much has nods to the book and plenty of hidden stuff. Sure, it omits certain things. No Marietta (Cho's friend), Gilderoy Lockhart, Dobby, Rita Skeeter, Fienze, Quidditch, nor Madame Maxime.

For Die Hard Fans
What is wonderfully kept is Harry's friend Seamus not believing him because of his mother and resolution. I am glad they kept this part in. What I felt cheapen the torment that bitch (wonderfully played by the actress in this movie) Umbridge did to Harry, was she did it to all of the D.A. in this movie. The building up of the twin's exit was excellent. This director David Yates and newcomer scribe Mike Goldenberg did a better job than the last team. This movie does well of mixing in details that had to be skipped and wonderfully playing the moments. The Goblet of Fire adaptation felt rushed and no real moments, no emotional attachment or its own identity. This movie has all of that. It does very well of capturing the theme of alienation and togetherness. In a concocted scene in the forbidden forest between Harry and Luna, wonderfully sums up the theme of the movie. While this scene's dialog felt a little forced, it did sound like something Luna would say. Luna played by Evanna Lynch did a wonderful job, just as spacey as described by Rowling. Evanna is a diehard fan according to Radcliffe is hot as ever.

All of the boys are hot in this one, including Rupert Grint (Ron). The film smartly brings the brave Ron we know from the books and downplays the 'scared Ron' that has previously been in the past flicks. I think the brave and popular Ron is what should be kept. As much as all the characters have changed, their dynamics have as well, more noticeable in the films. The book makes seem as if Harry and his two best friends are hated by everyone but indeed, they have a strong circle of friends and that what the movie addresses. Harry worries hurting the ones he loves and wants to go at it alone as his enemies make him feel alone but he must embrace his friends. The director does a fine job of exploring the worries of Harry (his godfather, his alienation, fearing he might be dark as Voldermort). Most reviewers are calling this movie 'dark.' I do admit the last one was a bit more cheery, but this movie is sure to have comparisons to The Prisoner of Azkaban and I think it is appropriate for that movie to be the first to start the dark tone.

Some parts are understandably reduced and this movie can't be expected to follow everything word for word and I applaud their cuts. As I would have liked to see Ron on a broom and uniform... what is in the film is vital to the overall theme. Though I was hoping for the flashback with Hagrid and Maxime, there is a lot that is crammed in this movie as it is. As fans complain and I as well, I think it is incredible these actors and crews can pump out these films as quickly as they are in this soon to be nine years (Deathly Hallows is expected to come out in 2010). Much love and appreciation goes to the cast and crew. It must be exhausting.

Side Note
Can't wait till Saturday but I am fearing if I read it too quickly, all the magic will be over way too soon.

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