Tuesday, July 31

Drew Carey is Barker's replacement and the Muppets try it again

After much discussion and wondering, it has been announced that Drew Carey will be Bob Barker's replacement on "The Price is Right" this Fall season. He beat Rosie, Ian Ziering and Mark Steines. Actually, Drew rejected their first offer and he said no and they went after him twice and he finally agreed. He also has a pilot of another game show on CBS called "Power of 10." If that gets picked up, he will be going from L.A. to New York.

As for the Muppets, they also have a pilot, that said to be digitally enhanced and 'They'll be able to walk around." They last tried to revamp "The Muppet Show" with "Muppets Tonight" that got canceled and the last remaining episodes were aired on the Disney Channel.

Source: TV Guide Magazine