Tuesday, July 31

Farscape in small webisodes?

The Sci-Fi Channel that canceled the brilliant and beautiful "Farscape" in 2003 and fans fought and fought. They are finally brought us a mini-series Peacekeeper Wars and wrapped off the series finale's cliffhanger. Sci-Fi plans to release a dozen of 3 to 6 minute long installments in the Fall. I rather have the show back. They considered the show too expensive and thats why it was canceled. I think if they killed it, then let it rest in peace. I used to hate Webisodes because they weren't that great in production but now that the internet video is the biggest fad, maybe this will work. Fans watch and catch up on episodes online, so I am sure these will be popular. They say that most of the cast will be in the show in the beginning, they still have to make some deals but the producer Brian Henson is hard at work on them.

Source: TV Guide Magazine