Wednesday, July 18

Kathy Griffin's Life on the D-List

"My Life on the D-List" is awesome, I can't believe that season 3 is ending next week. It is one of the shows that I don't mind repeat over and over. When I see it, it puts a smile on my face, even if I have seen the episodes already. The season was pretty great, she now has 'Team Griffin' which includes all-around straight guy Tom with the bulging eyes and flaring nostrils. Tiffany is pretty cool too. Jessica got so popular after being on the show, I am sure the same will happen to these two. What I love about this season is that Kathy is presented a challenge and solves it with her guts and authenticity. For example, one of her fans couldn't go to her show because she had to work so she put Tom to fill in, she was worried about performing in front of prisoners and Englishmen in a small dive of a club, but she came out with flying colors.

But only seven episodes? I feel like it so soon. Well, I checked it and it is one more episode than the past two seasons. Season 1 and 2 had six episodes each. What got me is that until now the show is premiering in Great Britain, and season 1 is on DVD, this show started two years ago! What is the delay? Well hopefully, it is going to get faster. Her mother and father, who I have seen for a long time in her specials and the talk show on MTV about reality shows (she had an obsession). Her father passing away did effect me, he was really great guy, funny. Reminded me of my grandfather, who also may he rest in peace. She was really touched by everyone reaching out, especially Perez Hilton (they were so cute in last night's episode posing for the Paparazzi). So the best to Kathy, critics love her show. She is coming to Fort Lauderdale in August, I hope I can see her show!