Monday, July 9

Does Disney like.... own everything?

I know I mentioned Disney today but with Underdog the movie is coming out, which is a cartoon that was produced by Gamma Studios through the Dancer Fitzgerald Sample advertising agency and General Mills in the 70's. A while ago, Inspector Gadget was made into a Disney movie and it was produced by DiC. Mr. Magoo was owned by United Artists but Disney made a movie. Also, George of the Jungle was owned by Jay Ward/ABC but somehow Disney got the rights to do the movie. Rocky & Bullwinkle that was owned by the same, but the movie was made by Universal Studios so boo. Jason Lee ("My Name is Earl") plays the voice of Shoeshine Boy/Underdog, in the trailers it sounds like Owen Wilson. But they picked a good voice, sounds great. Anyhoo, I understand that Disney bought them out but why do these people let Disney own it.

Well the other side is that Disney might run out of their dumb movies based on their theme park rides because now Jungle Cruise is coming out as a movie. The only successful one has been Pirates of the Caribbean, one of four (Haunted Mansion, Country Bears, etc.) tries. It is exhausting.