Sunday, July 22

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Review

Spoiler Free
Quite an enjoyable book if I may say so myself. In many stories that lead to their end, many times there is new characters and new concepts and they just don't feel part of the world. J.K. Rowling has successfully added many concepts and characters that seem right. Also many questions are answered as well. Much like the past books, this one does drag on sometimes and a boat load of information that is not exactly essential to the story. I personally loved the book, all together, I don't understand these fans that are disappointed but that is expected. The characters mature of course, much like the other books. Harry, as rebellious as he was when he was in book 5 but a level more of maturity. As usual, he does get sidetracked, Hermione warns him to stay in line but he is corrected once again. The death rate is pretty high and appropriately so. Even though this novel is darker than the others, there is still time for the usual whimsy and cutesy-ness. Of course, not as much as before but still present nonetheless. I believe everything really nicely fit in place. Like Rowling said in an interview, it basically wrote itself, it felt right.

If You Finished Reading the Book
I never liked Dumbledore coming in and explaining everything to the protagonist at the end of each novel (come on! He does!). So, since was disposed of in the last book (even though that doesn't mean much in the Harry Potter world)--I was glad I wouldn't have to read a long explanation. Boy, was I was mistaken. Even though the defeat of You-Know-Who felt a bit cliche and not tighten, I have an inkling Rowling hadn't changed it since she wrote it. Now as for the Epilogue, I guess people are upset about it because it didn't have a lot of information. I guess it was strange because she always gave excruciating details to everything else. Now, I was pretty much at peace about who died except for that poor Teddy's parents, left orphan. I guess Rowling wanted to leave someone orphan. And even though we pretty much deduced what the seventh Horcrux would be--she wrote it so beautifully. And the loopholes were pretty nice. Yeah it took me like 12 hours (with breaks and such) out of 2 days.

If you never plan to read the Books

Screw you! Read the book!