Wednesday, July 18

This Fall's Prime Time Sci-Fi Shows

I am glad network TV is embracing Sci-fi dramas. When "Lost" came out, there were a lot of serial-like copies and only "Heroes" stuck. These seem to be just 1-episode threads.

Bionic Woman NBC
The much hyped about Bionic Woman. I think it might be a hit, it is produced by those who renewed "Battlestar Galacta"--which is not canceled, the team just wants to call it quits. What I like about this is that when Jaime discovers she has been turned into a cyborg, she feels violated.

Journeyman NBC
NBC is releasing three sci-fi shows, probably because the success of "Heroes." this one is about a newspaper reporter who can leap into the past. Kevin McKidd looks like Anthony Michael Hall a bit. It might be a sleeper hit or fade away.

Chuck NBC
Chuck sounds like the short-lived UPN series "Jake 2.0." It is about a computer whiz geek who gets spy secrets downloaded into his brain and becomes an operative. If Jake failed to capture the mainstream, I doubt this will either unless it is captivating.

Pushing Daisies ABC
This has a complicated promise: A pie maker and part-time detective (aren't they all?) can revive the dead with a touch but a second touch kills. They seem to promoting it a lot, maybe it will be good. This seems interesting, i'll check it out.

Moonlight CBS
A vampire series about another good-guy vampire private eye (last were "Angel" and "Forever Knight). This comes from Angel co-producer David Greenwalt. Since Greenwalt is behind this one, I don't doubt it will be well-written but who knows if it will be successful. I am surprised CBS picked it up. It will star Alex O' Loughlin. I will definitely watch.

Reaper The CW
Cutie geek Bret Harrison stars as a 21-year old who his parents sell his soul to the devil and must serve as a grim reaper to capture hell's escapees. Strange and crooked premise but we'll see it really sticks. I'm going to watch.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles FOX
This is a mid-season replacement, but "Buffy" was one too, so that doesn't bode bad tidings to this show. I will be watching because of curiosity.

New Amsterdam FOX
This also has an interesting plot. A NYPD cop who has been immortal since saving a Native American woman's life 4oo years ago. His mission is to find love, touching. As Fox cancel their shows so quickly, I will watch it.