Tuesday, July 3

The rest of the Summer Box Office Predictions

I am glad that Ratatouille is number 1, critics highly doubted it would be a hit. Come on, it is Pixar. Pixar is smart, doing stories they want to do now. Animation is film making and people ages 4-27 feel Pixar directors as rock stars. Even though I thought Live Free or Die Hard was going to be #1 and that it surprised me that Fantastic Four made number one, it definitely is fitting in my theory that all these movies will just be a hit for one week. Sadly, my baby Knocked Up never made number one. So far, Ocean's Thirteen, Fantastic Four, and Evan Almighty were all just one hit wonders. So, my guess is that the Transformers will shine this Friday, then Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix the next week and the week The Simpsons Movie comes out, it will just be for one week as well.